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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


this is the first time i make a blog...kenapa?? mmg x pernah ada pun sblum ni n x pernah trfikir nk ada,sbb komitmen untuk kerja lain sangat banyak..mesti ad yang pelik asal tiba2 buat blog...act,sjak msuk dq ni...trfikir jugak salah stu wsilah untuk mmpraktikkn apa yang dah blajar kat dq...n blogging is just A way...i'm not a GOOD person...and i'm still searching for the best for me n Islam....lastly..just wanna share a quote that i get from a book: changing for good is not a sin thou it will cost u blood and tears for a start...n the hardest battle is when you're against yourself..."that's all....Enjoy reading...=)